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Bonjour, je vous partage ce que je crois être le lieu du trésor pour Houston. Plusieurs penses que le Zodiac est utile par rapport à l'ombre pour chaque image. Il est bien utile selon l'image. Quelques fois le signe est utilisé et d'autre fois la constellation et parfois les 2. Il faut projeter l'ombre du signe sur une carte, sur un lieu. Je vous partage Houston parce que je négocie depuis plus de 3 mois avec  les autorités pour réussir à avoir un permis. J'ai parlé avec des directeurs, des responsables des parcs , maire et gouverneur, fait plusieurs type de demande de permis. Mais tous ont été négative. J'ai même offert d'avoir un archéologue avec moi. Je leur ai même dis de garder ce que je trouverais sans même pouvoir récupérer la clé pour la pierre, mais il n'y a rien à faire pour le Hermann Parc de  Houston. Si jamais vous réussissez à avoir un permis ne m'oubliez pas.

Hello, I share with you what I believe to be the treasure trove for Houston. Several think that the Zodiac is useful compared to the shade for each image. It is very useful depending on the image. Sometimes the sign is used and other times the constellation and sometimes the 2. You have to cast the shadow of the sign on a map, on a place. I share Houston with you because I have been negotiating for more than 3 months with the authorities to succeed in obtaining a permit. I spoke with directors, park officials, mayor and governor, made several types of permit applications. But all of them were negative. I even offered to have an archaeologist with me. I even told them to keep what I find without even being able to get the key for the stone, but there is nothing to do for Hermann Park in Houston. If you ever manage to get a permit don't forget me.

Voici un des courriels reçu d'un responsable de parc à Houston.

Here is one of the emails received from a park manager in Houston.

Mr. Gélinas,

Good Morning.  Thank you for reaching out to the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department.  Regarding your inquiry, the City of Houston does not allow private individuals to enter city property and dig for treasure.  Sec.26.001. (Protected Land; Notice of Taking) of the code of Ordinances provides the City to right to deny such actions by anyone.  Sec. 32-59 (Park use permit required)  also gives the City the right to deny activities that would tend to damage the park.  Chapter 32 of the ordinance also gives the Director authority to deny such requests outright.  There are safety factors the City must take into consideration. Electrical lines, water lines, cable etc. which can be found within parks boundaries and therefore, require a prohibitive position by the City as stewards of public lands.  Based on the Texas Antiquities Code and Deeds: “Breaking ground” for anything like this in a park requires a permit from the State Historical Commission (SHC). The party breaking ground must be qualified archeologists approved by the State per code. Anything found below the surface is the property of the State of Texas per code. These permitted historical digs are considered to be in the public’s interest and not for profit. When we dig in parks for development and come across artifacts, the SHC is always contacted and we go through a process to determine if a “controlled dig” is necessary. A treasure hunt does not fall into this category.  


Thank you,


Michael Isermann, F.M.P.

Michael Isermann, Deputy Director

Facility Management and Development "

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Ou fixer le solei set Sun
Or set sun
Exactement sur la pointe
Exactly on point
Arrière plan Houston-1620802_1920 Image by Falkenpost from Pixabay